Export used commercial trucks, construction equipment, automobiles to all over the world. ー From Japan to The World ー

Each of destination countries has each specific demands that vary based on their economy and environment background. We strive to expand sources of supplies in our commodity to meet our client's needs. We ship strictly selected confidence commodity to our valued clients.

There are two types of traffic in this world. “Right-hand traffic, left-hand drive” is the type of more than 70% of countries in this world, and less than 30% of countries follow “left-hand traffic, right-hand drive,” this includes Japan.
We, the VALLEYHILL GROUP, currently offer commodities to “Left-hand traffic, right-hand drive” countries from Japan and to “Right-hand traffic, left-hand drive” countries from the United States.
This is one of our significant advantages. This system enables us to quickly respond to specific situations, such as regulation changes and the various needs of our clients.
To respond quickly to customers’ specifications associated with the world situation, we always keep in touch with clients abroad, ascertain the client’s environment, and consider what we can offer. VALLEYHILL GROUP expands the business which delivers certain commodities worldwide.

We are able to see the situation of various countries by meeting new partners and maintaining business with them. We believe that a business is a connection between our partners and us, a relationship of mutual trust. As a professional automotive supplier, we developed our company under our policy, “treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.”
Ro-Ro船(Roll In/Roll Out)にて輸送

※Transported by Ro-Ro ship (Roll In / Roll Out)

Since the established year of 2003, we have been exporting used transport equipment including commercial trucks, construction equipment to more than twenty countries.

※Transport by container