Walking around the world every day. Seeking the world price. ー Provide a world price ー

TRUCKEXPO is a global trading company specialized in used commercial trucks, buses, and construction machinery. Our used vehicles are purchased from individuals and logistic companies in Japan and sold directly to our valuable customers located in over 10 countries worldwide.

About 30% of countries in the world regulate “Right-Hand-Drive, Left-Hand-Traffic.” And while the majority of countries regulate opposite traffic rules, there is a growing demand for used commercial equipment. The reason for this is because of differences in quality, condition, and market values of commercial vehicles that meet the world demand on the open market.
Most countries that require such commercial equipment are emerging nations – just as Japan was once also an emerging nation.

For these emerging markets, logistics support is critical to the major elements of economic growth: Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Resources, and Consumption. In order for logistics operations to be successful, it is vital that goods are transported with vehicles, that serve as the lifeblood of these growing economies. At TRUCKEXPO, we have been serving our clients involved in the logistics industry in their respective countries directly.
By combining our domestic purchasing and international sales and export services, as well as cutting out the middlemen, it is possible for us to offer the best purchase price to our clients. That is our “WORLD PRICE” – our promise to you to provide the most reasonable selling price. We believe that it is important to connect with our clients by meeting in-person, and hold the relationship with our clients to the utmost importance.

We always follow our policy of “Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur” and keep this in our minds as we strive to do our best for the people that we will meet in the future.


Purchasing directly, selling directly, exporting directly.
We do all by our self.

    • Build a more strong relationship with the existing clients, and expanding
      the new relationships with new people in different countries.
    • Analyzing market trends, and distribution situations by visiting overseas.
    • Receiving direct orders from the overseas clients.
    • Direct purchase from end users at the price that reflects the world's demands.
    • The aftercare assurance
    • Remove signs and company names, and reconditioning.
    • Offers/sells/exports the purchased items to the overseas clients quickly.
    • Ship the items the overseas clients directly.
The Point is “DIRECT”. Realizing a strong price for purchasing and selling by not relying on the middlemen.


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